Monday, October 17, 2016


Hello EVERYONE! I am back! I have been debating for the past few months if I want to continue blogging. Part of me wanted to but then part of me felt like it is not making that much of a difference, I am not reaching as many people as I would like, and all these other negative comments. BUT I realized I am not yet ready to give up blogging for good. I enjoy writing too much to stop! So, here I am, back doing something I love and sharing my life, style, and decor ideas with YOU, whoever YOU may be!

If you have not heard through my other social media....WE ARE HAVING A BABY!! It has seemed like a long time coming but we found out in July that we are having a little nugget come March 2017. PRAISE GOD! I am going to write a blog about our whole process and the things God revealed to us during the waiting time, in hopes to encourage others who may be going through the same thing we did for little over a year.

The moment I found out we are having a baby my ideas started racing with what to do for the nursery! Our one spare room is the perfect nursery set up. It has a huge window with a half-moon window above it bringing in TONS of light! It also has wainscoting which I think is darling in a nursery. Immediately....literally I think maybe 2 weeks after I found out we are expecting, I KNEW I wanted to incorporate black in the nursery. My husband on the other hand was not too sure about that one. He wanted grey. I didn't, but I didn't tell him. I am grateful he didn't want blue or pink because I am not a blue or pink paint kind of person. But I still wanted black lol. I did end up getting grey paint samples to look at together and then we both got side tracked and forgot about paint colors hahah! But my desire for black never died. I finally showed B an example of what I was thinking and he was sold...SCORE (cause I was not wanting to budge).

So this is what we have so far:

We made a grey and cream dip dyed woven wall hanging and put it above where the crib is going to go! Not sure our umbrella plant will stay there but it gets great light in the meantime!

We want to get a bold Persian Rug for the middle of the room. 

We have our dresser already (my grandmothers).

I want to get the POÄNG rocking chair from Ikea

And we want the Babyletto Hudson crib (which I LOVEEEEEE BTW)

We are so excited to continue to get the room together and make Baby V's room truly unique and different!

Here is some more inspiration of Baby V's room, hope you enjoy ;)

My dad is going to make me some honey comb shelves like these seen by AMEE.KIM But he is going to make 5 large separate ones that I can hang a few inches apart!

I love the simple and naturalness of this room. It embodies relaxation in my opinion.  I was thinking I wanted to get a funky little floor pouf/ottoman but the more I look at this picture the more I love the simple jute ottoman pictured above! (Photo Source HERE)

I think....NO I know I LOVE this rug! If I could find a rug similar to this just tweak the colors a bit depending on the baby gender I would be OVER THE MOON!! (Photo found HERE)

I would LOVE a mid-mod dresser like the one in LEVI'S NURSERY, but I am obviously in love with the fact that we are going to have an old family piece as part of our little one's room! I also drool over the light fixture in here. Like literally salivate when I look at it. It is STUNNING! Although we are going to be putting a fan in the nursery I do want to incorporate little touches of gold for that touch of modern than it brings!

I am sure my brain is going to continue to race with more ideas within the next 5 months of what to put in the baby room, but until then I am pretty sure we have a  great starting point!!