Monday, May 23, 2016


It was like Christmas morning for me today! Our backsplash finally arrived.
FUNNY story (well actually no, not too funny). I sent this backsplash to our contractor about three weeks in a document that had ALL of the things we needed to get ordered for the house. Last week he went to go to HomeDepot to pick it up not realizing it was NOT from Homedepot. It had to be ordered through Glass Tile Oasis. Well after that headache was over, our tile finally came in!

Glass Tile Oasis is an amazing company. When we first began looking at backsplashes I stumbled upon this company and instantly fell in love. Not only do they have a large variety of backsplashes like:
Glass Tiles
Metal Tiles
Shell Tiles
Stone Tiles
Ceramic Tiles
Porcelain Tiles

but they also have a deal where you can order 5 samples for $10. You can't beat that! 
I ordered 5 samples and it came down to this one and one similar but the colors were a little more muted. We actually decided on the more muted one, but then remembered that the sq footage where the backsplash was going was small so we figured the bolder the better!

 I cannot wait to show you guys the finished product! They should hopefully have it installed and grouted all by Wednesday WOOT WOOT! 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016


OH. MY. GOSH. Let me just begin this post by saying, I do not want to have to paint another room for a LONG TIME! I used to love to paint. To me it is relaxing and therapeutic HOWEVER after painting our ENTIRE house....NOPE I don't want to do it again.
*haha side note, just realized we still have to paint the OUTSIDE of our house. Jesus give me strength.*

Anyway, we decided to paint the WHOLE HOUSE a crisp white. The walls were this tan/yellow gross color. I was not a fan, not to mention they just looked dirty/ were actually dirty haha.


So we figured, "hey, lets use Behr Marquee. It covers in "one coat" and the walls are light enough already so it will be perfect." We had our contractor order us enough for the whole house and enough for the baseboards and crown molding and doorways and we got to work. 

DAY 1: we began painting the living room walls along with our kitchen and dining room. We did one coat and then came back the next day to see it in natural light so we could see if we missed anything.

DAY 2: I went back to the house with the little girl I nanny, put her in her Pac n' Play gave her a movie to watch and went to work on the SECOND coat. Yes, we had to do more than one coat.

Day 3: Brent went back at night to prime all the ceilings. That took a while!

Day 4: We went back to paint the ceilings and do touch up work which resulted in some walls having to get a THIRD COAT.

Day 5&6 : Brent's awesome dad came to help finish up some painting!

We had over 10 gallons of paint and still then it was not enough with how much we had to touch up and the amount of coats the walls needed.
Even after all that work, we still have to do closets, the utility room and pantry but we figured we can just get that done when we get moved in. After all the painting we did, we need a good little break!


I still have to polish our floors. I have been itching to do it but I know that when they put the appliances, fixtures, and counters in they are going to make a wee bit of a mess and I just don't feel like being a crazy woman cleaning floors all the time!

Would I use Behr Marquee again? Maybe. I am eager to try it in a darker color to see if it has better coverage. Despite all the work that it took to get the house pained, we are THRILLED with how the walls look with the floors! We had moments where we second guessed painting the whole house white but after seeing it finished we are so happy we stuck with our idea and saw it through.

UP NEXT: Painting our interior doors Valspar New Black! I was going to do a jet black but realized that sooooo many people do that, so we wanted to make it a bit more unique and decided on a super duper dark gun metal grey! Hehe I know more painting? But doors are small enough that I will enjoy it, heck it might make me love painting again ;)