Monday, April 18, 2016


Social media is taking over the WORLD! Everyone now-a-days is tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, Pinning, etc. It can be overwhelming for some to enter the “sub culture” that is social media. I know when I first got Instagram, I was so confused on who to follow. Obviously I followed my friends, but then I wanted to follow users who shared the same passion as me when it came to creating a beautiful and funky home!
I proceeded to follow EVERY home décor account I could find. Soon enough I was following like 200 accounts that were just dedicated to home décor and DIY. After a while I came to find out that those accounts were all pretty cookie cutter. No shade on them, but some accounts were so dang similar you would have no idea that they were separate accounts.  We have all come across those types of accounts.
So who should I follow? Well, I made a short list of AMAZING and UNIQUE accounts that are a MUST FOLLOW and from there you can follow who they follow (cause I know from experience that these accounts don’t follow just any boring Instagram accounts!) and the chain just keeps on going.

Nichol Naranjo @nicholnaranjo

Nichol is probably my FAVORITE instgrammer! Her home is BEYOND beautiful. It is a mixture of boho, modern, coastal, vintage, city goodness. Not to mention she has some pretty adorable pups that like to pop up in her photos like little doggie models! She documents all of her amazing craigslist, thrift store, estate sale finds showing her followers that things do not always need to be NEW to be beautiful and worthy to be on display. Her account is authentic and inspiring, making her truly ONE TO FOLLOW!

Emily K. @crispinteriors

Emily is one of my dearest friends but that is not the reason she made this list! Go to her account and you will see just why she rightfully deserves to be ONE TO FOLLOW. Emily and her husband recently remodeled their gorgeous lakeside home. Her account is filled with photos of her design ideas, breathtaking rugs that she sells in her store, and crazy awesome DIY projects that she documents on her BLOG! (<here).  Emily is one of the sweetest people I have the pleasure of knowing and in my opinion has one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts.

Alexis S. @alexistaylor8

Alexis is one of my friends that I have known since elementary school.  Now, her account isn't necessarily “home design/décor” but she is a designer and social media strategist who has an account filled with beautiful photos BUT also AMAZING tips and advice on how to not only create but grow your brand and social media. I cannot tell you how much she and her wealth of knowledge have helped me out when it comes to growing the REBELY brand. Check out her site to get amazing advice, encouragement, and tips on how to navigate this cyber world at

Elizabeth Rose @elizabethrosedesigns_

I have been following Elizabeth for a while now and let me just say I am so happy I hit that follow button way back when! Her Instagram account is filled with not just affordable home décor ideas but romantic photos filled with soft pinks and gold. Anytime one of her photos graces my feed I cannot help but stare of the beauty she creates! Her home is the ultimate bachelorette pad!

Tori C. @torilovesvintage

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tori for just about 10 years now! She is friends with my cousin which is how we met but we really connected over home décor and hair heheh. The reason I believe Tori is ONE TO FOLLOW is because her Instagram account is real. She doesn’t sugar coat things. She doesn’t try to take the most perfect photos (even though they are all gorgeous). She is a mama to a toddler and pregnant with baby number two. She is busy running a home; a beautiful home filled with vintage goodness but with having a toddler things can get messy and she isn’t afraid to display that for the world to see. She has amazing design ideas, ideas that are simple yet stunning. Design ideas for the everyday woman/mama!

So head on over to Instagram, I know you all have your phones out anyway ;) and follow these amazing women! I promise you will be glad you did!

happy following

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