Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Hey y'all! I feel like I have apologized multiple times for being some-what M.I.A for the past few weeks. With the project of our new house coming up there has been a lot of ins and out and paperwork galore. But we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! We got the news that we will be closing on our house in 7 days! I cannot tell you how overjoyed we were when we found out! I must have done the happy dance a dozen and one times. 
With our closing date right around the corner we have been getting everything laid out. Such as:

Paint colors
(and my favorite) Backsplash

If any of you read my BLACK AND BOLD KITCHEN post a while back you saw that we were originally going to go for black cabinets with gold hardware and a white subway tile backsplash. WELP that changed! My husband mentioned doing a white kitchen. I immediately looked at him like "WAIT, WHAT?" Not that there is anything wrong with a white kitchen but it was just so opposite from what we had planned originally.

For a while, I wrestled back and forth with the idea of a white kitchen. I told my husband, "I'm ok with doing a white kitchen, but the backsplash needs to be funky!"
I got to ordering tons of samples. I found some Mexican tiles, glass tiles, subway tiles, tile upon tiles! My husband was like, "where the heck did all these backsplashes come from?!" Hehe 

So we narrowed it down to two options. Both of which are from Glass Tile Oasis. 
The Purple Purple Iridescent (left) and the Green Green Iridescent (right).

We loved the Purple Purple and the moment it came in the mail I was sold on having a white kitchen. But then the Green Green came and we liked how it was still funky but a bit muted so we decided on that. BUT then we looked back at our kitchen and the square footage that makes up the backsplash is so small...take a look

There will be backsplash to the left of the fridge, the small portion (not pictured) by the sink

And then the wall where the stove will be. Because there isn't that much wall that will be getting covered we decided it would be best to do the Purple Purple . Everything else is going to be white. White cabinets, white high gloss counters, white paint so we wanted there to be a bright wow statement and I think that this backsplash will be just that.

I love how it changes color is different lighting. Our kitchen gets TONS of great light all throughout the day so I am eager to see what it looks like at different hours of the day.

Along with the white on white kitchen and Purple Purple backsplash; we are of course, keeping our idea of doing gold hardware for the cabinets and gold pendant lighting.

I was nervous at first to do something other than black cabinets but with this backsplash I feel we cannot go wrong! To say that we are thrilled to see our house come together is an understatement! 
I am eager to hopefully share some progress with you all next week when our contractors team gets in there and starts making magic!

happy decorating!

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