Wednesday, February 3, 2016


What is your decor style? 

Can you confidently answer that question?

For the longest time I could not confidently answer that question. I THOUGHT I knew what my decor style was for the longest time. I mean duh, it was CHIC FARMHOUSE of course, cause I mean come on everyone else was doing it so why not join in on the trend?! I thought it was simple to accomplish: throw some white paint on pieces and distress the crap out of it, use natural wood throughout, have a sign or two hanging with the words "FARM" or "ORCHARD" on them and maybe a little burlap and I was ready to go. (I know there is more to go into it, but lets be honest that is the foundation of the farmhouse style).
So that is exactly what I did! I bought things and distressed them. I made weekly trips to Hobby Lobby and picked up anything that screamed farmhouse. I changed things CONSTANTLY!

This was our previous apartment. I cannot tell you how many times I changed out wall decor above that couch :/

But ya know what? I never felt content. I always felt like I needed to get more! And to me that raised a RED FLAG. Why am I always feeling like I have to get more and more? Why am I so heavily influenced by the farmhouse style homes I see online? If this was MY decor style, then how come I am not confident in my decor choices?

Also our old apartment. I must say that I do love this bedding because it reminds me on the bedding I had as a little girl, but it was so not who we are NOW. Again, changed our bedding 3 times because I was not content.

All of these questions made me realize that I needed to take a step back and reevaluate if our home's decor exemplified who we were as a couple. And the answer was NO. We are both loud and fun (my husband is def. hysterical!) quirky and dramatic (ok maybe I am a little more dramatic then Brent hehe) but we are also very relaxed and can most of the time be found on our couch watching movies! So you see, farmhouse decor did not exemplify that at all. So I did something about that. I sold things and tossed things and started from square one. I slowly started to add pieces that I was naturally drawn too, pieces that spoke to me NOT just pieces that I thought fit a trend. And I love our apartment now. I haven't felt the urge to change things. I can't even remember the last time I bought something. Actually yes I can, I recently got this awesome thrifted pillow cases but I mean come on they were only $1.50 for the both of them!

Our current living room compared to our old living room is night and day!! I really don't think they could be any more opposite, but I look at this photo and it feels like home to me!

I cannot tell you how much peace I have felt ever since I began to understand our decor style and buy things that make us happy and describe who we are as a family, not just buy things to fit a trend and be in style with what is currently all over Pinterest or Instagram. 

There is nothing wrong with changing pieces in your home, but it is SO IMPORTANT to understand what you decor style and buy things that are rooted in that so when you look to buy new pieces you aren't wasteful with your money (and time).

Are you looking to get a better understanding of your decor style? Head on over to MY DOMAINE and take their quiz. It is actually pretty darn accurate I think. I answered a few questions and I believe it was spot on with what we love! After you take the quiz, RESEARCH! See how others decorated their home with the style you got. Get inspiration! Try new things! But more importantly be genuine when you decorate, add pieces to your home that make you happy, that tell a story, that show others who enter your home who YOU ARE! 

happy decorating

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