Monday, February 29, 2016


Y'ALL we won! What did we win you ask? We won our home! A little background:

As many of you know, we have been looking at houses. We have seen many we like, but this house we LOVED the moment we saw it online. We loved it so much we placed a bid on it without seeing it in person. Some call that crazy, we call in passionate haha! Anyway, the home was on the market but was for auction so we placed our bid and our realtor said "you guys will get it." Those words were comforting but we had to wait 10 days for official confirmation. Those 10 days felt like a month. I am not trying to be dramatic or sarcastic. It was a trying and hard 10 days but my goodness did it teach us to rest in the presence of God and trust Him! We prayed everyday for this home. We drove by it and parked outside and prayed over it, thanking God for it and pleading the blood over it in preparation for when we move in. We went on quiet walks and rejoiced in knowing that it was going to be ours very soon! Any chance we thought about that home we prayed and thanked God for it!
Well today is day 11 and our realtor called us to let us know it is ALL OURS!

I cannot wait to show you guys photos of it.  It is a blank slate which is what we were looking for. We wanted something that needed a little love so we could put our own spin on it and put some equity into it. All the carpet was already ripped out (thank God) cause #1 I am so not a carpet fan even though I agreed with my husband to put some in the 2 spare bed rooms but #2 we get to pick out the floors WE WANT. It has cathedral ceilings in the main living area, tres ceilings in the master, an arched doorway leading into the kitchen, a huge garage, sits on half an acre....all these things; some big and some small that we desired in a home and it was like God plopped the house down in the most perfect time and was like, "Here you go my loves, this is for you!"

Y'all God is so good! My mom told me as we started the house hunting process, 
"get detailed when you pray about your home. Tell God what you want. The more detailed you are the more you will know it was God when it comes along your path!" 
mean come on an arched doorway, that is such a small detail but the moment I saw it when we walked through I was like "yup this is our home!"

We get our inspection done this week/week end and move forward with closing then the REAL FUN begins: RENOVATIONS! YASSSS LAWD! This is the part I have been dreaming about. I cannot wait to see this home transform and I am so excited to document it all so I can share with you, whoever you may be reading my blog! Thank you to all of our family and friends who have been calling and texting asking us about it and praying with us for it! We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives desiring the best for us! WE LOVE YOU!


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