Saturday, February 20, 2016


We have some exciting news about our house search and within the next week I cannot wait to share it with you all!

In the meantime the hubby and I have been putting together our design scheme for our future kitchen. We want a bit of a fixer upper that we can put our own touch on, so we have been getting some inspiration from good ole HGTV and of course PINTEREST!

For a while I thought I wanted an all white kitchen, which I still find STUNNING but the more I have discovered about my design style the more I realize I like BOLD kitchens. Preferably black kitchens with gold hardware/accents! 

Source: click here

I see people wanting to change out brass fixtures and my thought is "WHY?!" I understand if it is maybe an older/traditional brass fixture BUT look how sleek and contemporary this faucet looks! If the gold is "too" gold for your liking, they make a more muted gold that is not so flashy. 

Source: Brittany Makes

I think that the gold and the black look so sexy together. It just looks so sleek and polished and brings  a sparkle factor to what could be a gothic looking kitchen. 

Source: Blair Harris

This beauty of a kitchen gets all the heart eyes in the world!

Not comfortable with having a bunch of black cabinets? Here is a beautiful white kitchen with a pop of black found in the island! The perfect touch of spunk that I believe brings this kitchen to LIFE!

SO, with all this inspiration we came up with this idea for our kitchen:

We are pretty certain that we want these floors throughout. They are from HOME DECORATORS COLLECTION and the name is "Brilliant Maple". Brilliant aren't they?!
The color cabinets will be black...which is exactly the name of this swatch haha nothing fancy!
We found these awesome beveled subway tiles. I like the beveled style because I feel it gives a little extra modern touch.
For the walls, we want Behr's Maui Mist. My husband  laughs at me because I came home with different white swatches and he said "you are crazy, there is no difference" but yes, yes there is! The wall color  and the ceiling color will be different. The walls will be a muted white and the ceilings will be a crisp white that has ever so slight cool tones in it almost making it look like it glows (not really glows, but is BRIGHT) to make the rooms look bigger!
And the counters! OOOH the counters my favorite part about this dream kitchen. We still don't know if we want quartz, granite, or laminate! We love the idea of quartz because it doesn't have to be sealed like granite does 1-2 times a year, but also have to think about the comps of the neighborhood and if laminate will be a wiser option when it comes to reselling. I have a feeling we will go with quartz though! I love the look at this CALCUTTA MARBLE. The large scale grey and taupe veins that run throughout are just so beautiful, they make me drool! So we will see what we find when we go to pick out the final piece.

Hardware wise, this is the idea we are going with! These particular pulls are from HICKORY HARDWARE and are every bit of fabulous! I saw ones at our local hardware store but they were silver and I thought, "oooh the price is great, I could save money and paint them gold" but this is for our dream kitchen...I refuse to settle! I will continue searching around for the best price cause Lord knows I love a bargain ;)

What are your kitchen dreams? Do you have a color scheme in mind? Do you have a particular design you desire? Look around! Get different ideas! Branch out past your comfort zone, you may find out you like certain things you never thought you would! 

happy decorating

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