Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hey everyone!! I am sorry to say "I am sorry" yet again for the lack of posting. I have taken a little time off from the blog the past few weeks because I wanted to give my time and energy to my family over the holiday's! It was so nice to be able to remove myself from cyber world for a bit and just enjoy being with my loved ones!
BUT it is a new year and I am back to doing what I love, DECORATING our 900sqft apartment!

I have been seeing a lot of awesome woven wall hangings lately and I must say I am drooling over them all! I love the natural element they bring into a room. They are so simply yet make such a profound statement!
My only issue with them however is that they cost A LOT of money! I have seen them go as low as $65 and as high as $250. Yeah, about that. I do not have $250 to spend on a woven wall hanging. #sorrynotsorry
So I studied a photo of one and I made my own and I must say it is so simple, but takes some time cutting all the yarn.

I started off with 4 different colors of yarn from Michaels (they were having a nice sale on yarn so I was able to get all of mine for $15) and a stick (I have no clue the name for it) from Wal-Mart for less  than $2.

the stick is hard to see :/ but it is right under the yarn! 

I then cut the yarn into about 4 ft pieces

I did 5 pieces of yarn for each looped section. (does that make sense?)

Once I had my pieces cut I started to add them to the stick! I wish I took a video doing this, meh! But I will explain it the best I can. 
Take your first color you want to do and have all five pieces of yarn together. Then fold them in half. Lay the stick on top of the yarn and then feed the ends of your yarn through the loop. Ugh, I REALLY wish I made a video for this BUT Michele1218 on YOUTUBE shows you how to do this technique but on fabric garland. It is the same technique to get the results for this woven wall hanging!

you can see here how the wood piece fits snug between the looping. I also braided some of my yarn for additional texture!

I worked on both sides evenly, bringing the design to the middle just to make sure that there was enough space for the amount of yarn on both sides to be even!

Once I finished adding all the pieces of yarn it was time to cut it. This part is super simple but for anyone who needs guidance: All I did was angle my scissors downward and cut from the outside in, to create a sloping effect that meets at a point in the middle.

 I am soo happy with how it came out! It is the perfect piece to fill our naked wall in the hallway!

Give it a shot! And if you do tag me @rebelydecor on instagram so I can see your beautiful work!

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