Monday, January 11, 2016


I don't know what it is about triangle accent walls but I have had this attraction to them for so long. That is weird isn't it? I only feel this way though about bold black triangle walls. Maybe it's my inner perfectionist that loves the clean straight lines and toss in the boldness of me it screams STATEMENT! I don't think I would feel this way about a square accent wall, or a polka dot accent wall, or a hexagon accent wall, but that's just me!

So when I stumbled upon these vinyl TRIANGLE WALL DECALS  I just KNEW that I needed to get them! They are 4"x4" black triangles and the set came with 51, which was the perfect amount for our half wall.

After I ordered them, they arrived fast (which made me super happy cause I wanted to start on this project right away!) They came on two sheets and the triangles literally peeled right off the paper with ease. I measured how far apart I wanted and placed them on the wall and lightly rubbed them to make sure there were no lines or bubbles. This is great because there is not paste you have to apply, they aren't super sticky making them hard to handle, they were just PERFECT to work with!

In total, it took me about an hour to place them all on the wall. I ended up having to peel them off and reposition them because I measure wrong the first time, hehe whoops. But it was good because despite starting al over it was nice to see how easy it was to peel them off and reposition them!

They have been on for 2 days now and I am OBSESSED with them! 
If you are looking to add a statement to a wall, I highly recommend these wall decals! This particular brand has black, gold, and white! Give them a cry, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

happy decorating

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  1. Ok a few things I need to say (this is @chateaubordeaux from IG, btw): 1. I am obsessed with the wall decal and the salvaged chairs. 2. Your blog is awesome, love your style and the design! (Are you a web designer for Blogger? If yes, can I hire you?) 3. Would you be willing to do a virtual home tour for my blog? I want to see your whole entire place, obsessed with how much personality it has. (You can find my email on my blog linked in my name, or just DM me on IG.) Thanks for the inspiration!