Wednesday, January 27, 2016


We have gotten many comments and questions on our small dining table that we made a little while back, so I figured it was time to finally write this post to give y'all and step by step tutorial on how to make one of your very own!
A little background as to why we built one instead of just going out and buying one: When we moved into our apartment we didn't realize there was no designated dining area. I think we were so excited that the opportunity arose for this apartment that we were just excited to sign the paperwork and move in. Then we realized, "shoot we have no where to put our dining table..." My husbands parents got us a pub style dining table when we got married and we LOVED it which made having to sell it that much more difficult. So for months we went without a eating area. We would eat on our coffee table, on our laps, some nights when Brent was working I would eat standing up at the counter which didn't bother us at all but I slowly started to begin missing sitting down at an actual dining table and being across from husband and having quiet time at breakfast or talking about our day at dinner. So we decided to make a table of our own since most tables were eithertoo big, round, or too small.
It was super simple to make and apart from the staining it was able to be built in 30-45 min
(depending on if you have a nail gun or not).

We had a bunch of 1x4x8 pieces left over from coffee tables that I have refurbished so I took a bunch that were about 3.5' long and placed them all together to see what we were working with.

We then took some 1x1xsome other number (haha I can't remember how long these were SORRY!) And got them cut long enough so they laid on top each piece of wood. We then nailed them to the underside of the 1x4's. This step makes sure that all the 1x4's are attached (making the table top).

These straight top plates are located in the same area as the table legs at the hardware store so you will need 4 of them!

These were a pain in the butt to attach only because my hand drill was wanting to be difficult! *Make sure that each plate is  screwed in the same area on each corner of the underside of the tabletop so you don't have a wobbley table*

Once each plate is attached to the bottom of the table, the legs will screw right in! *SIDE NOTE* make sure you get table legs that have the screws already attached to them, this will save you TONS of time! 
(We didn't get a photo of adding the braces :/ but all you want to do is attach wood pieces between the legs both length wise and width wise to make the table sturdy! In the final picture you will see our braces down at the bottom!)

Then it was time for staining! I used a natural red oak stain and it may be my new obsession when it comes to stain color! I love have natural it looks and love how it enhances the markings in the wood!

And BOOM you have a small dining table!

(You can see down at the bottom where we placed our braces)

Didn't that seem simple? I promise it is super easy and a project you can get done in a day! You get to pick the size, the wood type, the color, etc! How awesome is that? A customized table that you get to say YOU made yourself! I love being able to say that my husband and I made it for our home and knowing there is no one else out there that has this exact table!
Are you in need of a small dining table? Maybe a desk? Or a little kids table? You can take the same steps and customize it to the size you need!

happy decorating

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