Thursday, January 14, 2016

LIVING BOLDLY: Challenge 1

Hello beautiful ones! It is Thursday, which means it is almost the Friday which means hello weekend! Praise God! I don't know why but I feel this week has been so long, like way to long, to the point of wanting to just cry, LONG!
I don't know what it is but I have been feeling so overwhelmed with LIFE. I sometimes feel like my daily routine becomes boring. For me it's because it's winter and I can't be outside and enjoy nature. I am an outdoor kind of person. I love spending all day outside once the warm weather hits. I love going to the beach; when I lived in Jersey I was at the beach nearly everyday when summer came. Now that I am in the south, I enjoy going to the lake up the street, fishing with my sexy fisherman of a husband, checking out the cool parks that Charlotte has to offer, exploring the trails...anything outside makes me happy.
Which leads me to my winter time pick-me-up but also the first part of my LIVING BOLDLY challenge. I wanted to start this series to help those who are afraid to add color into their home; introduce it slowly and safely. It's no secret that I love color! I love bright, bold pieces scattered throughout our apartment but I also know that not many people attempt to do this because they are afraid that it will look like a skittles pack bursted everywhere but I can assure you through this series you will confidently see that LIVING BOLDLY is something you were not only born to do but can do beautifully.

Nature. What my body craves. What makes me happy. What picks me up especially during these winter months.
Plants are not only beautiful to look at but they also have their health benefits. We all remember learning about photosynthesis in science class. Plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we release and in return they release oxygen that we absorb (inhale). Our relationship with plants is a beautiful thing isn't it? But there is more! According to Tree Hugger, "When photosynthesis stops at night, most plants switch things up and absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. However, a few special plants – like orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads – flip that script and take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Meaning, use these plants in bedrooms to keep the oxygen flowing at night."

I adore succulents! These beauties are right next to our bed just like advised ;)

Another health benefit to having plants indoors is they help deter illness. The moisture that they produce is something our bodies desperate crave during the drier months. According to Bayer Advanced studies have shown that indoor plants have decreased dry skin, colds, and sore throats. UMMM how amazing is that?! I used to get sore throats a lot but ever since having our indoor plants, I have not had one sore throat!
The biggest plus that indoor plants provide and I am sure most of you know is, increase is purifying air! I think that this is huge especially with all the pollutants and toxins that we are exposed to everyday. It is nice to know that I am coming home to a place where the air is a bit cleaner and better for me!
Now lets discuss their beauty! Plants are simply stunning. Whether a bouquet of flowers, a terrarium of succulents, a yucca, a palm plant, cacti, etc, plants are a beautiful and pure creation made by the hands of God and entrusted to us. I am eager for the day that I get to experience heaven because I envision it being filled with rows of sunflowers, luscious green fields, beautiful palms bordering gorgeous waterfalls....ok ok back to NOW...plants are a wonderful starting point to adding color in your home. They are not permanent and they are small which means you can constantly change them out and see what you like when it comes to color in a certain space. Not to mention your health will thank you in return!

What are your favorite kinds of plants? Go out this weekend and pick up a bouquet of flowers and a pretty vase and display them somewhere in your home that you spend a lot of time. Do you have an empty space in a particular room, go get a yucca plant (one of my favorites) it is animal safe (which BTW always check on the ASPCA website and make sure a plant is safe to have in your home if you have any pets!) and display it proudly in your living room or dining room or maybe even your entryway. OR you can get funky and hang your plants! If you don't have much floor or counter space hanging plants are an AWESOME alternative! I have my eye on this woven plant hanger for our bedroom ;) 
You see, you don't need to have a bright color rug, crazy wall colors, or say a green couch ;) in order to bring fun bold color into your home. A good starting place is plants.
Did you get some beautiful plants to display in your home? Take a photo and tag me on instagram @rebelydecor

happy decorating

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