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I am obsessed with tapestries, if you can't tell by my Instagram posts or my ETSY inventory. I have always been fascinated by the beautiful details that make up a tapestry. What blows my mind even more? The fact that these gorgeous pieces are handmade! Like for real? HANDMADE! Goodness, I get impatient when I am halfway through knitting a scarf, I could not imagine hand making a tapestry.
My sweet friend Tori, bought me the one that is hanging in our living room and overtime I walk into our apartment I fall in love with it over and over again. It is neutral enough not to compete with our busy rug and curtains; BUT bold enough to make a statement on its own!

I love that the border of it is black. It helps tie into our black accent wall and black and white curtains. If you haven't caught on, I like to mix prints and colors. A good rule of thumb when working with different prints is, make sure that you have an odd number of prints. And also make sure that they are all different sizes.  I have 5 different prints in our living room right now. Our pillows which are a small scale print. Our rug which is the largest. Our tapestry which is the next biggest. Our curtains that are medium because width wise they are not that large. And you can't really tell from this photo, but our fur throw has a subtle zigzag print sewed in it.
As long as your prints range on the size scale, I think you can get away with anything!


Long story short, I was not planning on using a tapestry as a headboard. I actually went shopping with my friend and picked up some fabric to make a headboard. That idea was quickly tossed to the side when this black and white tapestry came in the mail! I originally ordered it to add to my shop but  when I hung it up I just HAD to keep it for myself! 

The simple colors are bold yet soft enough to provide that relaxing atmosphere we wanted for our bedroom! I wanted our room to be neutral but not boring! Adding this tapestry certainly helped me achieve that goal!
Rango seems to like it!

The possibilities with tapestries are endless! From wall decor, to yoga mats, to beach blankets, to throws...tapestries are a must!

Here are a few from the Rebely collection! All are handmade in India!

I am obsessed with this one in particular because aside from its gorgeous's ROUND! And I am just a sucker for a massive circle, I have no idea why! (this one is currently available at my ETSY shop).

I ended up gifting this one to a friend who also used hers in her living room!

I mean come on! How could you not love something so beautiful?
If you are drooling over these tapestries like I do overtime I look at them, head on over to my shop or email me at and I will gladly ship one of these sexy beasts to you!

happy decorating

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