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I have a slight, maybe unhealthy obsession with two things. Journals and coasters. Whenever I go to the store I find myself in the office supply/paper section and I am drawn in when I see all the cute gold and teal and pink and polka dots and stripes and arrows and this and that, covered journals. I am still filling up my one journal that my mom got me last year and for some reason I have gotten 5 since then and they are sitting in my workspace just looking all pretty and what not. My husband ended up taking my zebra one to write down his work out plans, #noshame! At least someone is getting use out of it hehe.
And coasters.... DON'T GET ME STARTED! I think that everyone should have MULTIPLE sets of coasters for different occasions. I believe you should have masculine ones for your hubby and his friends when they are watching the game and want to put their beer down. Some everyday ones. And some fun ones to break out for wine night with the girls! And these gold rimmed funky colored coasters are the perfect ones for girls night!

I originally saw coasters like this when I was checking out Pinterest and thought to myself, "I can make these AND add a little glam to them (in comes the gold, my fav)" And can you believe that to make 2 sets of (4) coasters it cost me less than $20?!

What you will need:

Y'all....I CANNOT say enough good things about this product! For so long I refused to use it because well, for less than an ounce it costs $6. However I got mine from Hobby Lobby and they always have a 40% off coupon on their mobile app so I ended up getting mine for $3.60! And when I say this is AMAZING I mean that this product was sent from heaven above. It is so rich in color and for such a tiny bottle it goes such a long way. I painted a 3.5 ft picture frame, my dresser knobs, a 2.5 ft picture frame and these 2 sets of coasters with one bottle and I still have a little left over! I will certainly be stocking up on more of this stuff!

This is up to you! I went to Home Depot and got some ceramic tiles for 16 cents a tile. However if you want a different size, texture, shape, etc go for it! Their tiles are all pretty cheap so which ever you pick, you will end up coming out cheap!

Michaels has these little packs for $9.99 but if you have their mobile app they ALWAYS have a 40% or 50% OFF coupon so I ended up getting mine for $5. They do have different colors, but I really liked the teal in this pack! For 2 sets of coasters I barely used 1/4 of the each bottle. So don't be intimidated by their tiny size. A little truly does go a long way!

This is what causes the ink to spread out and give that cool and funky pattern. When you are at Michaels you may see an alcohol ink Alcohol BUT it is no different than rubbing alcohol and you probably already have rubbing alcohol in your home, so don't waste the money getting something else!

You can get this at Michaels or Walmart! I would say, if you want to to get it cheaper then go to Walmart. Walmart is always cheaper! But you MUST have this or a sealer similar to this to spray on your coasters once they are all dried to make sure your coasters are protected from water or other liquids!

You will need a little bit of either felt or cork to hot glue to the bottom of the tile so that it does not scratch your table top surface. Either work, I personally think that felt is easier to work with!

Now comes the FUN part! This is such an easy project. You will want to knock out a few of these at a time because they are that simple and fun! All you need to do is take a cotton ball generously dipped in rubbing alcohol and rub down the top of the tile. Once you do that, you just do a drop of the alcohol ink right on top of the wet tile. I then used a straw to lightly blow the ink to give it a more or a splattered look. I then did the next ink color and repeated the blowing process with the straw. REPEAT until your tile is covered in colorful goodness!
I loved using a straw to lightly blow on the ink because it gives each coaster a unique pattern!
Once you finish your coasters LET THEM DRY! I know for all you impatient folks this may be tough but trust me you want them to dry completely. If you don't and you put your sealer on wet ink, it will be tacky and not come out right, blehhh.
Once the coasters are dried, it is time for gilding with the liquid leaf! Take a small paint brush and lightly cover the edges of the tile with the liquid leaf. This step gives the coasters the touch of chic that they are craving! I love gold I would add it to everything if I could hehe!

Once you finish all of that it is time to seal your coasters. Take your sealer and lightly spray the top and sides. Allow that first coat to dry. Most sealers say wait 2 minutes between coats. Just feel the top of the coaster and see if it is tacky. Spray the next coat once the first is COMPLETELY dried.

And lastly, it's time to cover the bottom of the coaster with felt or cork. I used felt for mine. All you need to do it trace your tile and cut the square out and hot glue it to the bottom of your coaster.
*when cutting out the lines you traced for the bottom of your coaster, cut along the inside of the line because you do not want any felt hanging over the edges* 
Nice and easy right?! And the results are amazing in my opinion.

I love that each coaster has a different pattern. It is just so funky!

The gilt around the edges is perfection. I love how it makes them look so chic!

Do you love these as much as me? Go ahead and give them a try and tag me in your photos on Instagram @rebelydecor I would love to see your coasters! 

happy decorating 

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