Thursday, December 10, 2015


It is the winter season. UGH. I am one of those people that live for summer. Then during summer I say I can’t wait for fall. Then in fall I say I can’t wait for winter and snow. I never really liked spring. I feel it is a waste of a season because down here in the Carolinas it gets warm come mid-March and I am out lying by the pool! So to me it is like summer! But right now I am not diggin’ this whole cold thing. I mean today it’s great! It’s 66 and sunny! But the other day, oh my stars is was nippy!
I don’t know about y’all, but when it is cold out, the last thing I want to do is go outside. I have to force myself to get bundled up to go running and I pretty much wrap myself in a blanket to take our dog out to play. I just can’t stand the cold sometimes. People always say, “but you’re from Jersey, you should be used to this cold!” Well no. In Jersey it gets cold and it stays cold. Down here it will be 60 something one day and then 50 the next. That 10-degree change can feel DRASTIC! This weather plays with my emotions and I don’t appreciate it!
I sound like a brat. My friend and I were talking about the weather back in Jersey and how it was so cold and I said, “same here it’s freezing” (mind you it was like 60 that day) and my friend hit me with that straight face emoji like FREEZING? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I guess I have become spoiled by this Carolina weather!
Any way, when it is LEGIT cold outside (and I mean actually cold, not my silly definition of cold) going outside with your kiddies can be brutal. But then you don’t want to just sit inside with them and be bored. I know when I am at work with the little girl I care for, I feel bad if we spend the whole day inside not doing much :/ I feel at a young age children are so moldable and want to learn as much as possible. They have such amazing imaginations and what better way to encourage their beautiful creative minds then doing crafts together?!

Here are a few fun crafts for your kiddies and you to enjoy inside during this cold winter season!

Growing up I used to love lava lamps!  I was in awe of how the liquid on the inside was separate but worked as a whole to make such an amazing contraption! S.L. Smith photography shows you how you and your little ones can make these easy kid friendly lava lamps with items you probably already have in your house!

Ok, now this is a project that I would enjoy! And what a cool way to incorporate how God created the entire world and universe and entrusted us with it (Story of Adam and Eve), because that is how much He loves us! MomDot breaks down how to make these awesome little Nebula Jars.

These make my heart melt! LITTLE BIT FUNKY shows you how to make these adorable thumbprint reindeer ornaments! How perfect with Christmas right around the corner! You can add the year or age of your precious little one and make them every year and see how their little print grows!

THIS IS AWESOMECanDo Kiddo shows how to put together this painting activity for your little ones who are in the tummy time stage and are exploring things using their hands. But don't stop at tummy time! This is a great project for toddlers and young children who love to paint WITHOUT the messy clean up!

YASSSS a craft that will make me want to finish that bottle of Sweet Red in the fridge ;) This is for you Mama's out there that like your glass of wine... maybe bottle of wine (no judgement here hehe) every now and then. Save those corks and let your babes make pretty trees! The Picky Apple shows you how the cork acts as a "paint brush". You can make these trees for every season, just change the paint color to coordinate for the current season!

Easter is coming up shortly! What a wonderful way to prepare for Resurrection Sunday! You can make these awesome masks and use them to explain what Easter is all about. They can be made anytime of the year because hey, Jesus is both the LION and the LAMB every day of the year! SOURCEPreschool Playbook

How fun do these crafts look! I am running out the door right after I hit the "PUBLISH" button and I am going to get some supplies to make the REINDEER THUMBPRINT ornament for the little girl I watch! Her parents LOVE Christmas and collect ornaments, so this project is absolutely PERFECT for them!


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