Thursday, December 3, 2015


I'm currently sitting on my couch with my blanket catching up on my Keeping Up With The Kardashians (don't judge me) and I am admiring our Christmas decor, specifically our "new" stockings that I just picked up yesterday!Stockings were HUGE in my house growing up. I was just as excited to open my stocking as I was to open my gifts Christmas morning! My parents (well we all know it was my mom who picked the stuff in our stockings out haha) always filled our stockings with the coolest things! Even our family dog will get a stocking filled with doggie goodies! I remember when we were younger we got those zone camera's that would print the picture instantly. DO y'all remember those?! Oh my goodness, those things were AMAZE BALLS. We also got Wonder Balls...."oh I wonder wonder what's in my Wonder Ball?!" hahah I still remember that jingle! We would get gift cards to this local record and CD shop in town and I would always get so excited to go and pick out a new cd (when having actual CD's were popular). The girls would get different makeup items and nail polishes, and the boys would get, well whatever they got haha I never really kept track of the boy stuff cause I loved mine so much. But I think my favorite item that my parents put in our stockings every year even still, is Terry's Orange Chocolate. Oh. My. Gosh. These chocolate balls are SO GOOD! They are obviously orange flavored. But they are also in the shape of an orange and you smash it on the counter to break the ball into "orange slices" and then you ENJOY its chocolatey goodness. That it something I would say became a tradition when it came to stockings, those chocolate balls! YUM YUM.
My husband did not do stockings like we did growing up. So I took this very serious. I wanted him to be able to experience the joy and happiness I did and still do when I open my stocking on Christmas morning. I ended up finding these precious stockings at Goodwill for only $1.99 a stocking! I melted over them the moment I saw them. I have seen plenty at retail stores but I love having something different and these stocking are certainly different, they are not cookie cutter (something I personally like to stay away from). 

yup even Rango gets one 

Now where to hang them? We don't have a fireplace this year in our new apartment so I needed to think of an alternative! I believe that stockings should be in a room that has the most traffic. Because why would you not want everyone to see your beautiful stockings?! We spend A LOT of time in our family room so what better place to hang them then where you can see them from the kitchen, the entry way hallway, the couch, our bedroom doorway.....well our apartment is only 900 sq ft so you could probably see them from anywhere in the apartment haha! But you get my drift.
So here are some inspirational photos of others who chose to hang their stockings from somewhere other than the traditional fireplace mantel!

So cute right? You don't need a fireplace to display your Christmas stockings. I hope my and the other photos inspired you to get creative when it comes to hanging out beautiful stockings! 
Will you hang your stockings somewhere different this year? Tag me in your stocking photo so I can see :) (instagram: @rebelydecor)

happy decorating

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