Monday, November 16, 2015

You Will See Changes

Good morning beautiful people! I woke up this morning to go to work and my car had ice on the windshield....ummmmm WHY?! I feel like it went from summer to winter and completely skipped fall. This is not ok, but hey it gives me an excuse to go buy this bomber jacket I have had my eyes on hehe.
So I have not posted photos on my blog in a few days. I'm sorry. I'm a bit bummed that I have not done so BUT I will very soon and they will be beautiful photos BECAUSE my husband got me a new camera for my birthday! I am sooooo excited to get this camera! Since I am new to the blogging world I realized in order to catch peoples attention and keep it I needed to make sure not only my content but my photos are on point. So, thank you Hubby for blessing me with a birthday gift that I will be able to use daily :)

So I have been debating whether or not I want to write this post for a few days now and this morning I finally decided, "alright lets just do it!" So here is a little venting post. Mostly because you will be seeing changes to our home and I do not want people to think I am not living by what I have said Rebely Decor is, and that is; showing y'all that you can make your home beautiful with the hand-me-downs, unloved, thrifted, old items, and DIY's.
Someone made a comment to me that I was changing things I claimed to "love" in my home. Well first, to you who said that I know that you were throwing a little shade at me, and boo thang, I can take a little shade ;) and second I do love our home. I love all the pieces within our home HOWEVER what y'all need to know is literally 90% of our home is decorated and furnished with things that were given to us when we first got married. My parents, in-laws, and grandparents gave us stuff that they were getting rid of to help us out while we began our new lives together (thank you guys, you ROCK!) Was it our style? No, not everything we got we would pick out for ourselves, but we made it work and we were so thankful for it all! Now that my business is starting to do well I don't see an issue with taking parts of my earnings and putting them towards getting stuff that my husband and I like. Stuff that we would choose for ourselves. We talked about how half of my earnings will go into our savings that we both contribute to for our future house and the other half will go into my business account that my husband set up for me to use to get more inventory or what ever I'd like.
My husband busts his butt at work and makes the majority of our household income, and I am beyond grateful to have such an awesome provider; yet I know I am not alone when I say this, but I sometimes feel guilty using the money he works hard for to buy stuff for our home when we don't necessarily NEED it, but I just WANT it to make our home beautiful. I know it is OUR money and I bring a portion to the table as well but I don't know, I just feel bad sometimes going out and buying a new rug or a new chair with money that he earned. Ugh that sounds so silly when I say it :/ I know with time I will start to accept and be comfortable with the fact that what we make separately is still OURS as a couple, it may just take a little longer than a year of marriage to completely embrace it. 
So, to the person who made that comment to me, our "new" couch, it was given to us by our amazing friends. Our new rug, I got for extremely cheap from a seller I buy rugs from for customers. My "new" turkish rug, I found at Goodwill for $15. When I get "new" things for our home the majority of it is from thrift stores or Goodwill and I transform it into something "new". My new ghost chair, well that is brand new cause shoot ghost chairs are SEXY! I am finally understanding what our style is and I am now buying and creating things to exemplify that style. 
There is nothing wrong with getting new things, especially if you are looking to have things that are actually chosen by you and not chosen by others then given to you. I still do love our  home. I still do buy most of our stuff that is budget friendly. I am just now getting things that showcase OUR taste and not our parents or grandparents and I am not going to apologize for that!

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