Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thrifting For Dummies

THRIFTING! What a beautiful and amazing experience. I absolutely love being able to go into a shop and find something old or quirky. It makes me happy to know that I will give something a second chance within our home decor. THEN, I look at the price tag and I am even happier. 

Within the past few years thrifting has become more and more popular because antiques are coming back into style when it comes to decor.Years ago, thrift stores were a place that people with low income could go to to buy things second hand at an extremely low price. Now, EVERYONE goes to thrift shops to find all types of goodies.

Through my experience second hand shopping I have come up with five simple rules in order to get the most our of your thrift store experience.

I have wasted many trips to "thrift stores" because I did not do my research on the store prior to going. One instance comes to mind. I was searching for a particular piece and I went to one shop and come to find out they specialized in very expensive antiques and home decor. I walked in and was in shocked when looking at some of the price tags. Needless to say I got annoyed and sad all at the same time. Now, I always do my research before I go to a thrift store. I go onto YELP or GOOGLE and type the stores name in and see what others have to say about it. How big is it? Do they have good products? What is their turn over rate like? What are their prices like? This will save you time and a visit. For me, I want a store that has consistent reviews regarding the products they sell. I also want to know they have great prices, I mean that is the point of thrifting right? Great prices!

It really does matter what neighborhood you are in when it comes to thrifting. I have been to PLENTY of thrift stores, all in different neighborhoods. I went to one in an OK part of Charlotte and they had some pretty cool things but they were not the best. Then I went to a Goodwill in the nicer part of Charlotte, and OH MY GOSH yes! I scored an awesome Turkish rug for 15$. I then went to a Habitat Restore towards the city and I was in absolute awe of how amazing their inventory was. When you think about it, it makes sense. People who have money live in nicer parts of town and when they are ready to get rid of their beautiful stuff, they will go to the closest thrift store. More than likely the shelves will be stocked with awesome finds. BUT make sure to check the thrift store daily because people will catch onto this tip and items will not last long, especially if they are great items at great prices.

Some thrift stores have designated days that they take in donations. Some may be so filled that they limit their donation days to Monday-Wednesday. If this is the case you would want to go to the thrift store either Tuesday or Thursday. These are the days you are most likely to find the newest items out on the floor and get first dibs on them! If the thrift store takes donations everyday then a good rule of thumb is to go check out their inventory every other day. This way you won't miss out on new items!

This took me a few visits to the thrift store in order to learn this lesson. In my early days of thrifting I would find items and they would have a chip on them or a broken leg or a rip in the fabric and I would put it back down because it was "no good". I then learned those are SIMPLE fixes. And the good news is when things have obvious imperfections in/on them you can bargain the price down a bit! So do not be afraid of that beautiful dresser that has a chipped drawer or broken hardware. Those are quick and easy cosmetic fixes AND you could get a few bucks knocked off the price tag in the process ;)

Oh my word do I wish someone told me this when I first started going to thrift stores. I would see these amazing prices and just buy everything even if I was not in love with it. Now I have a pile of stuff I don't use and I actually gave a customer a bunch of stuff for free when they came to pick up their order. It was such a waste of money, but hey if I had to go through that in order to gain wisdom and tell y'all, then I would do it all over again! Only buy things that you need and LOVE don't get things that you don't have a purpose for or are not completely sold on they will just collect dust and take up space!

So get to thrifting beautiful people! Have fun, and don't be afraid of the diamonds in the rough. Sometimes the biggest and prettiest diamonds are covered in the most dirt!

happy decorating

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