Thursday, November 5, 2015


SO for all of you who follow my blog, THANK YOU! I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support I have received especially over the past month! I have noticed that as time goes on more and more of you are stumbling across my tiny corner of cyber world!

You might have notice that my blog looks different. Well, it is! I decided to give my page a new look because, well I am finally starting to understand what I want from this blog and my old page was not in line with my vision. How something looks is what draws people in, right? I know it sounds superficial but it is true. When I first saw my husband I was like "DANGGGGG, you are HOT!!!" his looks are what initially drew me in, and then his love for the Lord and killer personality was what kept me around. Well that same concept is applied to the blogging community. I can't tell you how many blogs I passed by because they just didn't look pretty :/ I feel guilty even admitting that but I am a visual learner and how something looks is vital for what I give my attention to. And I know there are many of you out there that are like me in that aspect.

I want to inspire others. I want to help others be daring when it comes decorating their homes and eclectifying (totally not a word) their lifestyle. I want to show people that they are capable of creating beautiful things and not everything needs to be bought at a high price. The original look of Rebely Decor was FUN. I mean come on, gold pineapples! Who doesn't love a chic gold pineapple? But I realized as fun as the image of my blog was, it was taking away from my work. The photos that I was displaying were competing with my loud background and I didn't want that.
I want people to be drawn into my art, I want their eyes to be fixated on my work and that just wasn't happening with my old page.

So I decided to switch things up. It's more black and white, it's a bit more edgy, but I like it. It's ME. I love the look of the hand drawn arrows. I love that they aren't perfect because well, neither is my work or my life. But that is what Rebely Decor is about. Using imperfect things and making them look beautiful. Taking my crazy and random ideas for decor and turning them into something that exemplifies my family's lifestyle.

This post is boring, I know. But I just wanted to let my readers know that this is still MY page. My vision for Rebely Decor has not changed, I am just now perfecting and understanding how to display what I love to do...DESIGN and DIY
I hope you guys like the new look...if not please let me know! I care what you think and want to please my readers! 

*I am working on a COOL and FUNKY accent wall in our bedroom which I am thrilled to share with you all this weekend, so be on the look out for that*

happy decorating

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