Friday, November 27, 2015


Hey y'all! So, I have been pretty busy with redecorating our apartment. I am doing it one room at a time and our living room is pretty much done! HALLELUJAH! The last piece I need is a coffee table. I am learning to be picky when it comes to what we get. I mean why wouldn't I be? I don't want to get something just to not like it and then have to get something else. I have a past history of doing that and I am trying to turn over a new leaf because frankly it is a waste of money and time and energy etc.!
Today, for some crazy reason I decided to brave the crowds and go out on Black Friday. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I ran to the mall to return a sweater I bought the other day and I wanted to cry. Seriously, there were just so many cars, so many people, so much craziness! But I returned my sweater and got a cute hat so whatevs!
Then I went thrifting, and even that was a bit of a circus! I had no idea that Goodwill was having a sale for Black Friday but the whole store was 50% OFF! I scored this 2x3 turkish rug for (DRUM ROLL) $1.61 

It is not perfect. It is missing some of the fringe, but I L-O-V-E it!

So after scoring this awesome rug for our kitchen, I headed next door to one of my favorite thrift stores, in search for some records and a coffee table. I didn't see the coffee table I have had in my mind BUT I did find this nesting table set for $15

Not the prettiest things but they were screaming "BUY ME! MAKE ME PRETTY, PHOEBE!" How could I say no to them?

Because they were missing tops I had to figure out what I wanted to do about that. I could get glass cut, but I did' t want to spend that type of money, and I didn't feel like waiting to get that done. I wanted to tackle this project immediately. So a light bulb went off in my head and I saw the picture frame section and thought, "why don't I just find frames that have glass that is the same shape and size as the table tops and take the glass out and attach it on top?!" I thought that was a pretty genius idea if I say so myself ;)
The woman that was working in the picture section was so helpful. She helped me sort through the whole section to find just the right frames to get the job done. THANK YOU MA'AM!

I got three for $8! Here are two of the frames! I took apart the other one before I could get a photo of it, whoops! But y'all get the idea

NEXT, it was time to spray paint! 

I love Rust-Oleum's Metallic spray paint and always have some on hand! I gave all three tables a light coat of gold spray paint. Once the first coat dried I added a second and let that dry.

you can already see how much of a difference the gold paint makes!

After I let the tables dry it was time to attach the glass to the table tops. I took my trusty hot glue gun and put a little in all four corners of the table tops and quickly placed the glass on top. *MAKE SURE TO MOVE QUICKLY BECAUSE HOT GLUE DRIES FAST!*

Once the glue dried it was time to place the tables in our living room and make them look pretty (which wasn't very hard. I mean come on their gold, obviously they are fabulous!)


I love how they came out! SO much better than before. And now we finally have a place to proudly display my husbands crystal Bourbon set!

I just can't stop looking at them! I am so proud of myself lol and how fabulous is that tapestry? My amazing friend got it for me for a Christmas gift and I just ADORE it and HER!

And there you have it beautiful people, a nesting table set transformed for under $30! It may be a bit more or possibly even less depending on how much you find your nesting table set for! But I can promise you, you will find it cheaper at a Goodwill or thrift store compared to buying it at a name brand store!  I saw a similar set at Luxe DECOR on sale for $372.50 but I love mine much more because I was able to create it myself (and its cheaper hehe)

happy decorating

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