Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Don’t Forget YOU Live There


            We live in a world that is so focused on appearance. Make sure your hair is always perfect, be dressed in the latest fashion, get those eyebrows on FLEEK, have a big house and nice car even if that means struggling to make the payments. My struggle with appearance comes in the form of décor! I would look through magazines, see my friend’s homes, or even worse; look at PINTEREST and all of a sudden I am not content with our home. A new couch would be nice, a new area rug would look pretty, and because we got a new couch new pillows and a new throw are a must. And then the latest HGTV magazine comes out and the new must haves for your home are spread throughout the pages and I look at our home and my mind starts racing, AGAIN.

There is nothing wrong with having nice things, I believe that when you can, you should treat yourself to nice things, but the question is, who are the nice things for? Are they because you want them or because you want them so OTHERS see you have them? I am sitting on our couch as I write this. A couch that my in-laws GAVE us. A couch that we did not have to pay for. A couch that would have cost us hundreds of dollars. Hundreds of dollars that we did not have to spend when we first started out. This couch has been the place that we fall on when we get home from a long work day, where we cuddle when we watch Netflix, where we eat breakfast and watch morning TV, where we are lazy with our dog on rainy days. This couch despite its age, is in AMAZING shape. Yet, there are days that I want DIFFERENT, I want the latest trend in couches. I see my friends couch and I WANT! My dream couch is a white slipcover sectional. It looks beautiful, especially against a grey wall with white molding and dark wood floors (sorry just dreaming here) I can imagine it now, my friends coming over for drinks and admiring our beautiful couch with the fur throw hanging over the back of it saying they love the way I decorated our home, and then I yell, “NO DON’T SIT ON THE WHITE COUCH WITH YOUR GLASS OF RED WINE! YOU WANT TO EAT CHIPS AND SALSA ON THE COUCH? ARE YOU CRAZY?! “ Then when we have little babies running around that means sticky little fingers and food covered mouths and crayons, lots of crayons and creative minds with a big white canvas in arms reach! And what about our little fur baby, Rango? I refuse to have paw prints on a white couch. So I have finally come to the realization that although a white couch would look beautiful, although my friends would think it looked great, we would not be able to do what we normally do on our current couch on a white couch. Yes it’s a slip cover and can be washed, but how often am I really going to want to take it off and wash it and not sit on it for 24 hours?

            My husband recently received a large photo of himself from his football days. It’s a pretty decent size photo! In the photo he is running out of the tunnel at one of his home games from his last season at Liberty. It’s a really awesome photo, and it brought back so many memories for me. We met at Liberty. I cheered my husband on in the stands for 3 years of our relationship while he was on the field doing something he loved. Our relationship grew deeply at Liberty, and I remembered all of those special moments we had there just by looking at that photo, but once those thoughts faded my next thought was, “where the heck am I going to put a picture like this?” It doesn’t “match” our décor. Our guests are going to look at it and think our home looks weird. They won’t appreciate it. They won’t understand it. One, I’m pretty sure my friends could careless, and two even if they did think it was weird/out of place why should I care?! That photo means so much to us. Since my husband was a little boy football has been a huge part of his life. He got a scholarship because of football which ended up in him being able to get not only a Bachelor’s but also a Master’s for free. He touched many lives through his platform playing football. That photo reminded us both of a wonderful time in our life and our relationship that was truly special. So why wouldn’t I hang it in a place that we will see it all the time? It may not match our décor, it may not be what is in “style”, it may not be appealing to our guests, but it is US.

            My husband and I love candy! I always look forward to when we have our movie dates because we make a pit stop to the dollar tree and get our sour gummy worms and gummy bears. We would totally eat them everyday if it wasn’t bad for us hehe. So when I saw this vintage gumball machine at an antique store you better believe that I bought it! I filled it with a bunch of gumballs….and then we ate all the gumballs. It isn’t something you would see grace the cover of Southern Living or HGTV magazine, but it fits perfectly in the Vinson household.
  I did all of that babbling to get to this point, DON’T FORGET YOU LIVE THERE. Don’t forget it is YOUR home. When all of your guests leave and it is just you and your family (which it is 95% of the time) you want to be able to relax. You want to be able to eat chips and salsa on the couch and drink a glass of red wine without caring if you spill a little while you sit back and look at your husband’s football photo hanging along with a picture of a bull skull, and reminisce about college days. You want to be able to cuddle up with your dog under a blanket that he most like chewed a hole through but it made no sense to run and spend money on a new one just because friends were coming over for dinner and you didn’t want them to notice the imperfection (because he would chew a hole through the new one too). If you can afford to buy high-end furniture and you enjoy your home looking like the cover of a magazine that is great (seriously, everyone is different), maybe I am just speaking to myself here. But I have come to realize, that when we live in our means/according to our budget and decorate with things we love and hold dear; whether they clash or not, whether they are in style or not; that is when our home looks the best, that is when our home looks magazine worthy! So if you are looking to decorate your home, don’t just buy things because you know they are popular. Don’t pay extra for something just because you want your friend to be impressed. Décor trends fade. Buy décor that you love, buy things that describe who you and your family are! That type of décor will be timeless!

happy decorating

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