Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Touch Of Quirky

I love adding quirky and eclectic touches throughout our home if you haven't noticed. One trend that I see often in baby nurseries is fabric garland. There is something so whimsical and perfectly imperfect about the mixing and matching of fabric into the formation of garland to hang....really anywhere in your home.
Our headboard was the perfect canvas for my little project. Everything in our bedroom is stuff that my husband and I had prior to getting married. Our dressers and bed was my husbands, and our nightstands and headboard were mine. We painted them and made them our own but now we are in the process of getting more grown up stuff. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE what we have but some of it is childish....seriously, the dressers were my husbands since he was little haha. So eventually when we find pieces we like we will get them (thrifted of course). But until the search for new dressers happens I wanted to start on our master bedroom re-do and make a fabric garland for our headboard.

My vision for our bedroom is soft neutrals. Lots of whites and greys. But I wanted to add a whimsical touch and there is something so dreamy about fabric garland. So what better place than a bedroom where the dreaming takes place?!

I started with 5, 18x21 fabric squares from Wal-Mart. They were 97 cents a piece....STEAL! If you want your fabric strands to be longer you can buy fabric by the yard. I didn't want the fabric completely hiding my headboard so I opted for these squares.

I then took the squares and did 8 little cuts in each at about 1.5in apart to look like this. 
After doing this to each of the squares. I ripped each piece quickly. Your fabric will fray but thats ok, it gives it character!

You will end up with a pile of fabric that looks like this! I had 45 pieces of fabric in total. I then took a piece of twine about 5ft long and looped the fabric around the twine.
*There are different methods for doing this. You can knot it, twist it, loop it like I whatever you like, it's YOUR project*

Once I finished I pinned the garland up onto our headboard and... voila!

Have FUN with it! Bedroom, living room, bathroom, nursery, etc. These adorable fabric garlands are the perfect touch of whimsical that your home is asking for! I can't wait to make some for Christmas to hang up around the apartment!

happy decorating

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