Friday, July 31, 2015

So Fresh & So Clean

I love chalkboards if you have not noticed hehe! Ever since I discovered how to make chalkboard paint 2 years ago and then discovered they made it in spray paint and then actual paint, my life pretty much became complete, jk, but seriously -_- HOWEVER one thing I cannot stand about chalkboards is when they become foggy from all the chalk build up. And I feel no matter how much I prime my chalkboard I still freak out when I see even the slightest amount of chalk build up. (*how to prime your chalkboard* lay your chalk flat on the board and apply a coat of chalk all over and then erase, leaving a light white coating on the board. This will make erasing future chalk easier*) I guess it doesn't help that I draw something new on my chalkboard every week *whoops*. 
I have tried everything when it comes to cleaning our chalkboards throughout the house. I have done baby wipes, warm soapy water, a vinegar solution, the list could go on. But nothing seemed to truly get my chalkboards clean. I would get so excited when they became wet with whatever I was cleaning them with and for a minute or two the chalkboard looked nice and clean. THEN the board would dry and there was that nasty chalky, cloudy, annoying look that I hate so much. (If you own a chalkboard or went to school with chalkboards, you know what I am talking about). 

See what I mean? It just looks so ewwww!!! Looking at this photo is making me freak out a little inside!

SOOOOO, I did some research an I found a solution to my problem. COKE! Yes Coca Cola, cleans your chalkboard and makes it look brand new. I mean it makes sense right? When I needed to take rust off my bike I would use coke and steel wool. I mean it eats the paint off a car for goodness sake, that is sooo creepy/disgusting! I tried a sip, and not even joking, I wanted to throw up. I really don't understand why people like this stuff!

All you need is some Coke, a sponge, and a bowl to pour a little bit of the Coke into

The cleaning process is SO simple! All you have to do is wipe off your chalkboard with a paper towel or chalkboard eraser. Then pour some of the Coke into a bowl and dip your sponge in it and wipe your chalkboard down. After I wiped it down with the Coke sponge, I wiped the chalkboard down again with a paper towel and warm water just because I didn't want my dog licking the chalkboard cause he smelled something sweet on it AND I just imagined flies coming into our home because they smelled this God awful drink. *DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use warm soapy water  on your chalkboard, it can leave a not so great film on the surface of the board!*

 BTW how disgusting is this?! The coke left a brown stain in my bowl after only 5 min of sitting in it. Can you imagine what it does to your body when it just sits in your stomach for hours?!

Once the chalkboard dries this is what it looks like! Oh my beautiful, gorgeous, sexy chalkboard how I love when you get all cleaned up for me ;) This looks like I just put a fresh coat of chalk paint on the wall! Who knew Coke could be so wonderful in this way?!

Then it was time to dress our chalkboard up! Rango is so amused by the falling chalk dust whenever I write or draw on our chalkboard. Silly puppy :P


This sight makes my heart so happy! I swear it does not take much to please me. And seriously, how easy was that?! So go to Publix, Walmart, Food Town, Shop Rite, wherever you do your food shopping and pick up some Coke and get those chalkboard squeaky clean!

*UPDATE: Since doing this post, I have used soda besides Coke. I had Dr. Pepper in our fridge left over from yummy Dr. Pepper ribs and I gave it a shot and it worked just as well as the Coke*

happy decorating

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