Sunday, July 12, 2015

Industrial Rustic Shelves

This project has been one of my favorites thus far! I love adding metal accents to rustic pieces. There is something beautiful about the mixture of wood and metal. 
This DIY was super easy and very budget friendly! You can get everything you need right at Lowe's. 

They sell 8ft. long 2x4 for less that 3$ CHA-CHING! You can have someone there cut the wood for you at no charge, which is FABULOUSNESS

Next step? STAINING! They now have some super fun colored stains out there (grey, blue, pink, orange....etc), but I guess I am boring and stuck with Antique Walnut. Yup, that pretty much sounds like something my Granny would pick out :/ actually she would probably pick something more fun haha! I threw on 2 coats of stain (I could have probably gotten away with one coat but I do 2 to be safe). 

Then I bought some steel shelf brackets from Lowe's for between 3-4$ a piece. 
they have different sizes depending on the size of your shelf and depending on the look your are going for!

I broke out my handy hand drill and attached the wood to the brackets; then the brackets to the wall and THERE YOU GO! I decorated mine with some mason jars of course, a vintage flour and coffee container, and recycled apple juice and milk glasses. Our apartment does not have a ton of counter space or cabinet space so these nifty shelves were the absolute best addition to our kitchen walls!

happy decorating

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